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Date of dispatch of this notice: 28/06/2021

Expire date: 30/07/2021

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Preliminary Data

Type of contract: Services
Procedure: Open

Contact information

Official name: The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS England)
Address line 1: Quarry House, Quarry Hill
Town: Leeds
Postal Code: LS2 7UE
Country: England
Contact person: Carey Bovington

Contract information

Title attributed to the contract: Invitation to Tender For: Community Diagnostic Hubs Framework Agreement

The NHS Commissioning Board (which uses the operational name “NHS England”) is seeking to establish a framework (the “Framework Agreement”)from which NHS England and other NHS bodies (Clinical Commissioning Groups (“CCGs”), NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts (each a “Contracting Authority” and together the “Contracting Authorities”)) will have the ability to award contracts or sub-contracts for a range of clinical services to be provided from community diagnostic hubs (the “Services”). Please refer to the Specification at Schedule 1 of the ITT for more details of the Services. The objective of Framework Agreement (FA) is to: support the Contracting Authorities' (CAs) ability to improve population health: increase diagnostic capacity: improve productivity and efficiency of diagnostic activity, contribute to reducing health inequalities, deliver a better and more personalised diagnostic experience for patients and support integration of care. The framework will be divided into a number of clinical diagnostic modalities and sub-modalities. Successful providers onto the framework will during the procurement process and potentially during the term of the framework, identify those modalities and sub-modalities which they are capable of providing in identified locations and also identify whether or not they have their own facilities from which such services could be provided from. A FA will be entered into by NHS England on behalf of all CAs with each successful Provider assessed as capable of providing such Services (or any of them) through this procurement process The term of each FA awarded pursuant to this procurement will be for [3] years with an option to extend for a further [24 month period] (the “Term”). 
When awarding contracts pursuant to the framework it will be for CAs to determine which modalities or sub-modalities they wish to purchase based on local need and award will be permitted on the basis of either criteria set out in the FA or further competition among those on the FA. Contracts called off from the FA by CAs shall be based upon the NHS Standard Contract or Sub-Contract at National and Local NHS Prices and discounts may be offered. This Procurement is on behalf of the NHS, namely NHS England, all CCGs, NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts and each of their successor bodies. A list of organisations can be found at:;;;;

Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)
85100000   Health services

Expire date: 20/07/2021 12:00
Contract start date: 30/09/2021
Contract end date: 30/09/2026

Lowest value: 0
Highest value: 10000000000

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The tender is being run through the EU Supply portal; information and ITT documentation can be found at, Quote/tender 44791 Invitation to Tender For Community Diagnostic Hubs Framework Agreement. Deadline for submissions is 12 Noon Tuesday 20th July 2021.