Further Education Training Providers for Adult Education

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To procure training provision for eligible West Yorkshire residents aged 19 plus in line with our AEB Strategy. This will cover a number of different learner groups and sectors. The Combined Authority is also intending on capping the value of the contract award based on the successful organisation’s verified turnover in the previous financial year (or the latest year’s information provided, if different). Annual contract values may be limited to not more than 30% of annual turnover. This DPS opportunity has been migrated from In-Tend and formally had a reference number of CA1310.

01/04/2026 12:00:00

80400000-8  Adult and other education services
80000000-4  Education and training services

West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Wellington House, 40-50 Wellington Street
United Kingdom
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Published notices
Contract Notice (CTM public site) 16/02/2022 12:20
Lot 1 - Adult Education Provision that is accessible to all West Yorkshire residents 

These contracts will deliver provision that responds to individuals as set out in the West Yorkshire AEB Funding and Performance Management Rules, and will encompass all eligible provision delivered as part of the statutory and policy entitlements, as well as regulated and non-regulated learning.  

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Lot 2 - Targeted Adult Education Provision 

It is important to ensure that AEB provision caters for residents who need additional, bespoke person-centred learning support or specific employment sectors that are geographically focused.

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Lot 3 - Responsiveness, test pilots and supporting disadvantaged communities.

Responsiveness- We need to ensure West Yorkshire’s Adult Education Budget provision remains agile in the ever-changing economic picture and is in a position to quickly respond to shocks and new opportunities that arise. Need and demand will be advised upon by the Combined Authority/ LEP’s Employment and Skills Panel. Test pilots to address skill gaps and/or trial new learning methods - West Yorkshire Combined Authority is keen to explore flexibilities and new ways of working that co

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