T/PJP163/21 - Next Generation Digital Twin Design & Build– LongOps Work Package 3.2.3

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This PIN signals UKAEA’s intent to procure designs and prototypes for a Next-Generation DMU. The phrase “Next-Generation” is used to distinguish this conceptual system from the current generation of available systems but does not at this stage imply any specific extension of functionality. UKAEA has carried out an initial requirements-gathering phase. However, some of these requirements have been captured based on early assumptions about use cases or end user needs which are not expected to be final. The aim of this procurement is to start addressing some of the goals through research & development. UKAEA is not intending to deliver a fully featured, production-grade system to all end users by the end of this project. Instead, the aim is to start mitigating these challenges in collaboration with industry, to strengthen the supply chain and ultimately lay the groundwork for these long-term use cases. The key purpose of these prototypes will be for UKAEA and other partners in the LongOps programme to learn more about these challenges, and how well this technology can be applied to the different LongOps use cases. For the avoidance of doubt: UKAEA is not interested in procuring a bespoke DMU system coupled to any one use-case. The aim is to develop the basis of a generic platform that can be iterated, extended, and repurposed for years to come. This is what is referred to as the NG-DMU. It is expected that individual components of the NG-DMU will already be available as COTS products. The use of those products is encouraged where appropriate, but some level of integration with other parts of the system, external systems, or data sources is expected to be necessary. The design and implementation of that integration, in a manner that allows future extension or replacement of components, is a key focus of the project


31/10/2021 12:00:00

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United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
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United Kingdom
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Next Generation Digital Twin Design & Build– LongOps Work Package 3.2.3
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